Why Don't You Close Your Eyes And Reinvent Me

Ugh I hate the cabin fever I get. The nights I spend feeling like I need to have a social life, and I’m a loser because everyone’s out going to parties and I’ve never really gotten to experience a party. Or everyone’s out dancing or going to mini fests or at big fests and I don’t have money to do such things and my bf although perfect in many ways doesn’t dig the type of music i like to go dance to. And I’m still not 21 so there’s a whole night life I’m missing out on :/ I hate these feelings and thoughts. The feeling of being lonely, yet not really wanting to go hang with anyone, or wanting to go out and experience these parties and shit, but knowing you may end up hating it. Anyone else relate??




I really wonder what my body looks like to other people.
Is it what I see on good body image days or bad ones
Is it even what I see at all 

This screwed me up. Shit.

You look like a billion different things to others. But what matters is what you see within yourself, past their judgments and observations that come and go.